Q & A

Why your strawberry powder have several type? and strawberry have different price?
What is the price of making my logo on cup and sealing film?
Why MOQ ( Minimum order quantity ) is required?
What should i sell in my bubble tea menu?
What is syrup dispenser machine for?
How many cups of bubble tea can make per bag of powder?
How do i learn to make bubble tea?
If I order your goods, can you do re-packing for me?
Are overnight tapioca still good to be consumed?
Is the quality of water an important issue in the making of bubble tea?
What is the expiry date for the powders/syrup/tapioca?
How many cups can I make with one single roll of film paper?
Can I print my own trademark on my cups/lid?
What is the Sealing Machine for?
What is the Shaking Machine for?
What is the difference between syrup and powder?
What is Bubble Tea?
What is Tapioca made of?
Can you send me some bubble tea picture for me to making poster?
How to preserve Tapioca after cooked?
How to preserve un-cooked Tapioca?
How many cups of Tapioca can be made with each package of Tapioca?